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1245 Worcester St
Natick, MA, 01760
United States


Uni-T offers hand-printed eco-friendly bamboo t-shirts & organic clothing with original art & inspirational messages. We're an affordable art gallery & unique gift shop by local artists in the Natick Mall, Boston MA.


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Uni-T in Natick Mall is a vintage inspired unique gift shop, affordable art gallery and eco-friendly clothing store. Our collection is all handmade by local Etsy artists in the Boston area MA. Art t-shirts, bamboo t-shirt, organic clothing, eco clothing, urban tee shirts

Art Gallery

Uni-T is an eclectic boutique shop, bringing together local Boston artists’ creations all in one dynamic space in the Natick Mall, Massachusetts. If you’re looking for unique gifts and local art by indie artists that you won’t find anywhere else, a visit to the Uni-T art gallery and gift shop is worth the trip to Natick!


About Founder



Unity is the basic philosophy of our line of hand-printed clothing. As a creative business, Uni-T cherishes art, music, health, a green environment, local farming, learning, and most of all happiness in one’s life. Our interest and passion might be different but we are all in unity! Our clothing is about being yourself and inspiring each other.

Uni-T's most popular T-shirt lines is "more" line such as grow more, laugh more, dream more and dare more...

"I really think too much focus has been placed on our differences like race, religion, politics, and sexuality. To me what really matter is what we do with this time we're given, what we create and the passions we share with one another. That's the spirit of the "More" line of T-shirts - more of these positive things we all have in common. Creativity and self-expression are universal, accessible to everyone. And in that regard we indeed are all in unity. People ask if I am trying to start a movement but I really think this should be a way of life"

Children's Book Illustrations

Neilan creates a mystical aura . . . upward-swirling brushstrokes that meld heaven and earth into a single realm.
— Publishers Weekly

For her Masters thesis project, Eujin illustrated "In the Moonlight Mist", a Korean tale published into a children's book.

In the Moonlight Mist and her second book, The Rabbit and the Dragon King, are both ancient Korean folktales, which Eujin remembers as favorites from her own childhood. She calls these two books her "childhood dreams come true," because to create them, she used images she had visualized as a young child.

She believes that the most rewarding aspect of being a children's book illustrator is the freedom to imagine new worlds from a child's point of view. Eujin loves facing the challenges each book brings and exploring different approaches. In The Best Winds, she uses an abstract style of painting to convey the movement of the winds and the emotions of the story. In contrast, the kites adorning these paintings are concrete constructions of balsa woods and rice paper. 

Imagine a Dragon consists of short tales from many different cultures of the world. The historical artistic styles of these cultures inspired Eujin's paintings for this project. Eujin visits schools in Massachusetts, and her presentation is based on this book. For Fly Free!, her latest book, Eujin sought a different artistic approach to complement the gentleness at the story's heart. As it so happened, her home was being remodeled, and in the chaos of construction she found her inspiration: the odd bits of plywood lying around the house. This unusual choice of canvas, in combination with the warm, earthy watercolor tones, brought this tender story of compassion to life.

The most rewarding aspect of being a children’s book illustrator is the freedom to imagine new worlds from a child’s point of view.
— Eujin Kim Neilan


Awards & Honors

2012 NYSRA Charlotte Award

2011-12 Maine Chickadee Award Nomination

2011 Bank Street College – The Best Children's Books of the Year (Age 5-9)

2011 Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Award Nominee

2011 Notable Books for a Global Society List

2010 Asian/Pacific American Awards for Literature – Picture Book Honor

2010 The Society of School Librarians International Honor Book Award – Language Arts – Picture Books

2008 Connecticut Book Award – Children's Literature Finalist

2008 William Allen White Children's Book Award – Master List

2007 The Children's Book Committee of Bank Street College of Education – The Best Children's Book of the Year

2005 Pewter Plate Award from Highlights Magazine

2003 Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Award Nominee

1999 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award

1999 Publishers Weekly – Pick of the Week