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Uni-T offers hand-printed eco-friendly bamboo t-shirts & organic clothing with original art & inspirational messages. We're an affordable art gallery & unique gift shop by local artists in the Natick Mall, Boston MA.

Oblong Silk Scarf - Alive

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Oblong Silk Scarf - Alive


Oblong Silk Scarf - Alive

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Give your day a sanguine start with this enticing silk scarf and its unique splash of vivid colors.

  • Scarf Description:
    • This 100% silk scarf is a wearable piece of art with non-repeating design. It is elegant, luxuriously soft to the touch, light and comfortable.
    • Each scarf is printed with the original artwork and handled individually with care and finely finished with a hem.
    • Measures 16 X 72 inches.

Created by Chaya Mallavaram in her studio, Shrewsbury MA

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How do I care for my Silk Scarf? 

The Chartzie silk scarf can either be hand washed with "neutral soaps" or dry cleaned. If you find that some of the luster is lost when you hand wash, follow the steps below to restore the luster.

To restore the luster after washing you will need:

  • Clean sink, tub, or wash bin
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Two thick, clean towels
  • Padded hanger or drying rack

Steps to Restore the Shine:
In the wash bin, mix ¼ cup vinegar for each gallon of warm water. Stir to mix. Submerge the silk in the water. Swish the garment around until thoroughly soaked. Remove from vinegar water and rinse well with clean water multiple times to ensure all of the vinegar, and the smell, is gone. Spread a thick towel on a flat surface. Lay the silk fabric over the towel. Top with the second towel. Press or roll gently to remove excess water. Remove the garment from between the towels. Hang or spread over a drying rack until dry.
If desired, iron silk inside and out on cool or “silk” setting when it’s still damp.

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