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1245 Worcester St
Natick, MA, 01760
United States


Uni-T offers hand-printed eco-friendly bamboo t-shirts & organic clothing with original art & inspirational messages. We're an affordable art gallery & unique gift shop by local artists in the Natick Mall, Boston MA.

From The Ground Up, Dress Project Print

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From The Ground Up, Dress Project Print


From The Ground Up, Dress Project Print


Image Size : 5 X 7

Matte Size : 8 X 10

Virginia Fitzgerald creates in her studio, Natick Massachusetts 

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About "Dress Project" (Artist Statement)

the dress form is my symbol for our essential being, our core. using this emblem, my work speaks about the power of relationships and the politics of relationships; our relationship to ourselves, to each other and to the world in which we live. the work speaks to the emotional or lack of emotional connection between people. 

the dress form denotes the body - how we relate to our own body, how we relate to other’s bodies, how we cover our bodies and present our bodies, and how that veneer affects all our experiences and encounters. i deal with the ideas of fertility, fragility, strength, waste, war, imprisonment and freedoms. my work ignites viewers to reconsider their place in our society and culture, to question the status quo.

the dress project is relevant to the current issues being debated today. the dress is my soapbox from where i can engage in political debate, question social protocol, and express my authentic self.  using different media and scale the work touches many people regardless of gender, age, background and experiences. i strive to create for them a safe place in which to reconsider their place in the world.

the dress project has brought me to a deeper and more determined desire to create. my dresses have shown me the power of art - how art can touch people, move people; help people to reach a deeper place in themselves. i have been blessed with the opportunity to witness people become physically moved when interacting with my work. the dress project has given me the occasion to challenge my technical skills, and pushed me out of my comfort zone, tackling many different types of visual arts; performance, installation, photography, sculpture and mixed media. all of these media are integral to the vision of my work. the dress project has also given me the opportunity to teach, lecture and lead workshops, allowing my enthusiasm to reach people in a more active manner.

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